Episode #5: 25 Books in 26 Weeks

A book a week? Are you crazy?
Well, it helps.

Tara Jacobsen and her writing partner Rebekah Welch set out to write a book a week. And they did!

In this podcast, Tara outlines how they put out a book a week, the planning and tools she uses, and the shortcuts she developed. Along the way, she talks about how she doubled her blog traffic, the importance of niche-ing down, how the Pareto Principle played out in her book sales.

And if a book a week sounds like too much, we talk you through the steps of writing a book a month.

Tara has more than 20 years of marketing experience, she’s smart, funny, and has NO PROBLEM giving you the behind the scenes how to of what she does. Get to know her better at http://marketingartfully.com/

Listen here:

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